This is a continuation of my previous article and in this article, we will see how we can build a new age BI system for your enterprise using Azure Data Lakehouse and Azure Synapse Serverless SQL Pool.

The below illustration shows the data flow from source to end-user dashboards

Now let's see how we can build each component in the data flow

step -1: Create Azure Synapse Workspace
Step-2: Create a Synapse Pipeline
Step -3: Create DataLakeHouse Database
Step -4: Create External Tables and Views
Step -5: Create a Tabular Model
Step -6: Create a Dashboard

Azure Synapse Workspace

→ Open Azure Portal…

Data Lakehouse is the new buzzword in the current data analytics world.

Today most businesses rely on data to make smarter business decisions and this data is coming from various sources and in various forms, in various sizes, and at varying frequencies. Companies are looking beyond the limitations of the traditional data warehouses architecture to enable advanced analytics, data science, and machine learning on all of this data. Data Lakehouse is one such architecture that addresses many of the traditional data warehouses architecture limitations.

Now let's see How we can build a Data Lakehouse architecture using the services that Azure…

In my previous blog, I discussed the concept of modern business intelligence (BI) architecture. Let us now discuss how we can use Azure Synapse and Power BI premium to renovate your enterprise BI platform.

In this competitive digital world, technology has been advancing very rapidly and it is very essential for companies to be constantly aware of these technological advancements and modernize their IT platforms to withstand in the market for long. ( we have many examples where companies failed to innovate and resulting in Kodak, Nokia..etc)

so are you ready to renovate your data platform????????????????

Let's see what…

Data volume is getting bigger exponentially and Organizations are seeking innovative ways to utilize this data and transform them into valuable insights that potentially increase the business value

The Traditional Business Intelligence Solutions succeeded in providing Organizations a full-fledged historical reporting of “What happened so far?” such as daily on-hand balance or weekly sales or monthly revenues ..etc.

But to survive and succeed in today’s intensely competitive modern business world, companies should know “What is happening, what will happen, and why?”, …

In my previous article, we talked about the things that you need to consider before migrating an on-premises data warehouse to Azure Synapse.

In this article, we will talk about one of the key phases of the data warehouse migration project life cycle, i.e Translating the existing code that is written in the current system (on-premises SQL server) to the new system (Azure Synapse).

Migration Project Life Cycle

To convert the existing SQL code, customers have to either manually rewrite all the SQL code in the current system or invest large amounts of their budget for an outside practice to rewrite or convert their…

Azure Synapse Analytics has been a hot topic for a while now and many organizations are considering migrating their data warehouse to Azure Synapse Analytics. So let's see some key considerations that help you decide whether Azure Synapse is the right fit for your needs or not

Is your database size nearing 1 TB or more?

Azure Synapse is an appropriate fit for data size and workload for 1 TB and more. As per Microsoft, Azure SQL Synapse should be considered if your data warehouse size is nearing 1 TB or higher.

Is your data getting massive and taking a long time to process?

Azure Synapse is a perfect fit for massive workloads like BigData and OLAP workloads. Azure Synapse splits…

This is a continuation of my previous article and in this post, we will see how we can register a Power BI tenant to trace the data lineage.

Steps to register and scan a Power BI Tenant in Azure Purview

1.Creating an Azure Purview Account
2.Create a security group in Azure AD
3.Add the Purview Service Principal to AD Security Group
4.Associate the security group with the tenant in Power BI Admin Portal
5.Register Power BI Tenant in Azure Purview and Scan

1.Creating an Azure Purview Account

It was already explained in my previous article, check it here

2.Create a security group in Azure AD

Open Azure Portal → Click Azure Active…

In this article, we’ll look at Microsoft’s latest Data governance service called Azure Purview. It is a unified data governance service that helps Organizations manage and govern both on-premises and cloud data. Easily create a holistic, up-to-date map of an Organization's data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end-to-end data lineage. Empower data consumers to find valuable, trustworthy data

Azure Purview consists of three main components:

  • A data discovery, classification, and mapping component will automatically find all of an organization’s data on-premises or in the cloud and evaluate its characteristics and sensitivity.
  • A data catalog component enabling…

Cloud has become the primary location for Organizations to store their data and many of the Organizations are already in the process of migrating their on-premise data to the cloud. The key factors for organizations to move data to the cloud are to strengthen the security and the shift from legacy to modern data platforms.

In this post, we will see how we can Migrate an on-premises SQL Server Data Warehouse to an Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is a powerful and economical cloud destination for companies to migrate their on-premises SQL Server databases (size up…

As you all know, Microsoft is investing a lot of time and money to make the Power BI a powerful platform for all the data-related and analytical works. They are targeted towards making Power BI premium a superset of AAS and recently announced the general availability ‘XMLA endpoints ‘ that we all were waiting for.

XMLA endpoints are now generally available!
In addition to complex semantic modeling, dataset management capabilities, and backward compatibility with Analysis Services tools and processes, XMLA endpoints provide open-platform connectivity for single-version-of-the-truth semantic models. …

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